The Best Player of All Time

Tendulkar, Ponting, Dravid, Sangakkara, Lara yada yada. There is a better one out there. Jacques Kallis. Always rated him right at the top of a greats list.

150 test matches with an average of well over 57. Unlike the aforementioned, he didn’t have the luxury of making most of those runs on dead sub-continental tracks where 600 plays 500 five day draws. Not at all, he comes from seaming South African conditions which have bred the likes of the Donalds and Steyns. It’s a bowlers heaven on the pitches out there.

AND. Once he’s done batting, he comes back on to bowl as well. Even Bradman wasn’t prolific at that. As a genuine fifth bowler for the Saffers, the bloke has scalped 271 wickets at test level. 267 at ODI level. He plays T20 too.

Probably qualifies as the sort of player whom you don’t notice much when he’s around. When he’s gone is when it’ll hit you how great he was.


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