The Life and Woes of England

Thank you Pakistan. For bringing this (ultimately), cr*ppy England team back down to earth. All that tripe about world dominance for the next few years was just them being cocky, as we guessed correctly over the summer. These bunch of numpties are just like their pals in the football arena – bigged up by their faithful media and fans only to fail and collapse in a heap when the moment comes to pass. Especially all that talk about Ian Bell being one of the best players of spin – gimme a break. Every ball the kid has that expression on his face giving away the fact that he’s never seen the thing turn in his life. And KP and Morgan seemed like they were facing invisible balls. Not that I’m complaining, I loved every second of it.

ODIs up next – whichever genius came up with this idea of a four game ODI series prolly has a fetish for the 4-0 results that have been flying around recently. 4-0 Pakistan, yes. Duh.

Looks like the world order has been restored for now. Australia whitewashing everyone and England and India under performing. The good ol’ days are back, matey!


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