Monthly Archives: May 2012

Are you for real, England?

Wait a sec, the Poms want the UDRS in the upcoming India series this winter? After they were mercilessly manhandled by Pakistan with the same at the start of the year? You have got to be….

Hahaha no, bring it on. Let’s make a legend out of Ashwin or Ojha or heck, Harbhajan even. And if any of our bats end up as casualties, we’ll send Dhoni and big Dunc to their dressing room and demand to get him back on the crease. Those two spend all their time loafing around and doing nothing of note for the test team anyway, so this’ll keep ’em busy.

What I’m essentially yearning for is a 4-0. I want nothing else against those pompous pygmies. And then 7-0 in the ODI series. Then award them a free T20 after the end of it all, so that they don’t die of depression, which they seem to get day and night where they come from. That game is after the WT20 anyway, so it shouldn’t matter.

Add to that that the use of the DRS in the England v Pakistan series was a total disgrace. You had grade C spinners like that overweight Surd Monty Panesar and his Paki crony Abdul Rehmann trying to bowl fuller, flatter and quicker in an effort to hit the pads every single delivery. The typical routine for both sides was to spear it in, hit the pads, shriek at the umpires like spastics and then refer it if they didn’t rule in their favour. Not to forget the great ‘clipping the stumps by a centimeter’ decisions being given. Absolute joke. If that’s what we’re going to see, forget about it.

God I hate England. Hope the Aussies pound them in the back to back Ashes series starting 2013. Since that’s the only series that they care about, hope it puts them in their place forever. 10-0 is the result I’m looking for there, but we’ll come to that later.